Broken Car Keys

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If you have old keys they can sometimes get brittle and break in the lock or ignition, we’ve even known someone who ran over their keys!!!

Whatever the situation, we have the answer.

If this happens to you we are able in most cases to extract the key piece from the lock and cut and programme a replacement for you all at a price that shouldn’t stress you out in an already stressful situation.

Broken Car Keys – Our Auto Locksmiths  Service in London and Kent

Modern car keys are relatively tough but it is still possible to experience broken car keys and the problems that they bring. From snapping a key in an iced-up lock to dropping the keys and seeing someone run over them, there are a surprising number of ways that a key can be broken. But if you do experience this, then you don’t need to panic as Vehicle Locksmiths can sort the problem for you.

Repairing the Broken Key Damage

Sometimes the cause of a broken car key isn’t that has experienced a sudden trauma but more that it has been weakened over time. Every time you pop your key into the lock or ignition of the car it causes a tiny amount of wear and over time, this can lead to weakness. Then suddenly, the key is broken in the lock or the ignition or even just because you dropped it.

Other times, the culprit isn’t the metal part of the key but the more vulnerable plastic area. Modern remote keys have buttons that can break off and have a plastic case around the metal area that can crack or smash when dropped. Therefore, the issue sometimes is that the plastic area is no longer functional while the metal remains intact.

All Makes and Models of Broken Car Keys Fixed

We pride ourselves on being able to provide replacement keys as well as repairs for all the major makes and models of cars on the roads today as well as for most of the smaller names. Our service includes creating the physical key as well as programming it into your car’s systems so that all the extra functions work as they did before.

We also aim to provide a replacement key as quickly as possible and at the best possible price. We know that your car is crucial to your life and that being unable to use it is a major issue. Therefore, we work as quickly as possible to ensure you have your car back and can resume your daily activities.


Areas we cover

Based in Chislehurst, we can service a wide area of central and south London and well into the South and east. But do call to check.


Happy Customers!!

These guys are from a different galaxy!!

I broke the key to my Ford Galaxy whilst opening a box (I know). Coronation Autolocks came to my house. I had a new key cut and programmed all in my driveway. Fantastic service.

Mr. Capon, Croydon August 10, 2015