Vehicle Entry

“I Lost My Car Key” – Don’t Worry we’re Open 24/7 Call us on 07980 765125

Locked out of your car? Locked your car keys in the boot? Then we can help with that too. And don’t worry! You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last! If you’ve lost your car key one of the most common problems we go to. we can help if you have a problem with a lost car key.

No need to break the glass and incur an expensive window repair or leave your car unsecured and affect your insurance. Our roadside locksmiths are available 24/7 to provide roadside assistance.

Lost Car Key – it’s no Problem

Some of the more modern cars have a tendency to lock themselves, especially when you accidentally leave keys inside them. Using the latest technology in car keys we can gain access to vehicles without causing any damage whatsoever. We are very competitive and out highly skilled technicians can usually gain access in under 5 minutes to get you back on the road, so it’s no problem if you’ve lost your car key.

Vehicle Entry after Losing your Car Key

It can be one of the most frustrating situations – you haven’t lost your key; you can see exactly where they are. The problem is that they are inside the car, you are outside and the locks have engaged, meaning you can’t get in. You don’t have a spare key so you are officially stranded outside your own vehicle. This is where a vehicle entry service such as that provided by Vehicle Locksmiths is crucial.

Speedy Entry into your Vehicle after a Lost Key

Getting a speedy entry into your vehicle is the first part of the process. You need your car, whether to go to work, pick up the kids, do the shopping or any of the other hundreds of tasks that take place on a weekly basis. Therefore, you need to quickly get back inside the car so you can get on with your life. We can also help with a replacement car key too.

Our experts can enter the average car within five minutes and quickly reunite you with your lost car keys. The other benefit of this service is that we can do it without causing any damage to your car so once you have your keys back in your hands, you can continue on with your day without needing to have any repair work done or worry about an unsecure car.

Broken Keys – We can Help

Sometimes you may have a double problem – locked out of the car and the key is broken or damaged. While metal is tough, the plastic around the key is a little less so and if this becomes damage, then the ability to open the car can also be affected. So if you are locked out of the car and stuck with a broken key, we can get you access to the car and set up new keys to perform just as the old ones did in no time at all.

Areas we cover

Based in Chislehurst, we can service a wide area of central and south London and well into the South and east. But do call to check.